Two Cases for the Post War Exakta 66...

If you have come to this page from a certain eBay auction running this month (01/2003) - please notice that nowhere in this article do I state that these cases are "VERY RARE". This article is an observation of two different case styles - both of which were probably stamped out by the hundreds. Don't be misled because an auction seller says something is rare. ;-)

I wrote 8 different collectors asking if they had seen the right hand case in these photos (I had never seen one). It was an interesting surprise - Europeans had never seen the case on the left while North Americans had never seen the case on the right! Here are some pictures...

Two Cases for the Postwar Vertical Exakta 66

The case on the left is the normal 66 case found in the US. It has a 'nose' that was designed for the use of manual or preset lenses.
The case on the right is provokingly different and is the most common case in Europe. The nose is of a style used for automatic lenses! Notice where the shutter release should be located to use the implied automatic lens - upper left. Does this case foreshadow Ihagee's intent to include automatic lenses in the 66 line?

Two Cases for the Postwar Vertical Exakta 66

The unusual case has no cutouts in the sides for operation of the camera, nor does it have the pivoting fixtures for the strap.

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