Exakta Hooded Finders


At least 10 different hooded finders were produced over the years for the Exakta family of cameras. (This number includes one for the Exakta RTL1000 and one for the Exakta Real).

Version 1

As noted on the finders page, the first version interchangeable hooded finder was introduced with the Exakta Varex (V). It had an interesting feature in that when installed on the camera a small bar on the finder fit into a slot on the camera preventing the camera from being fired. When the hood was opened, the small bar raised enabling the shutter to be released. When the hood was closed, the bar extended again and the shutter on the camera would not fire. This same feature was utilized on the early Exa Varex, Exa Black Flange and some of the earlier Exa 0, Type 1 and 2 cameras.

The focusing medium was heavy piece of permanently mounted ground glass. The upper part of the hood was bright polished metal while the bottom was painted a textured crinkle black. The front was engraved "Ihagee" with "Dresden" under it. On the back the word "Varex" was engraved.


Version 2

Virtually identical with Version 1, except that the word "Varex" engraved on the back was replaced with the word "Ihagee".  

Version 2a

Not in A&R's list - This model hood has the release lock bar but also has the word "Germany" added below the two previously noted words "Ihagee" and "Dresden"



Version 3

Identical to the Version 2 hood with two exceptions. The shutter lock bar was eliminated and a third word "Germany" was now added under the previously noted words "Ihagee" and "Dresden".  


Version "Rheinmetall"

Manufactured not by Ihagee but rather by Rheinmetall, this hood appeared only on the System Exa (Exa 0, Version 3) camera. The front was engraved "Rheinmetall" with "Sommerda" under it and "Germany" under that. On the back where the word "Varex" and later "Ihagee" was previously engraved, the word "Rheinmetall" appeared.

Rheinmetall was also a large produced of typewriters.


Version 4

According to A&R's book, a 4th version hooded finder exists without engraving on the front and with a cutout window in the hood cover showing the field for a 100mm lens. I have located several without the engraving after I looked through several hundred hooded finders but have yet to find one with the cutout for the 100mm lens; I suspect that A&R's might be a prototype hood or a customized one. My photo shows the hood without engraving.


Version 5

The version 5 hood represented a major design change over the previous versions. Gone was the sport finder and the flaps that had to be folded to close the previous model hoods. The cover was now a flat affair covered with a piece of black leather. The hood could now be closed instantaneously without the need to manually fold up the magnifier . The biggest plus was that the dim large block of ground glass in the earlier hoods was now replaced with a thin interchangeable ground glass. A round metal pushbutton was used to open this model. On the bottom front of the finder the word "IHAGEE" was engraved on the left and the word "DRESDEN" on the right.


Version Jubilee

The Jubilee Hooded finder (and Jubilee prism - see prism page) is the same finder as the Version 5 with the exception that the leather panel was replaced with an "Art Deco" style plastic covering with white stripes over a black background. Issued to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the Kine-Exakta, the jubilee hood is in great demand.  


Version 6

The Version 6 Hooded finder was basically the same as the Version 5 with a few minor exceptions. The style of the release button to open the hood was modified to an elongated vertical affair and the finish on the base was changed from crinkle finish black to a glossy black.


Version 7

Supplied by Pentacon, only with the late model all black Exa Ib and the Exa Ic was a plastic and metal hooded finder. It was rather crudely made but must be mentioned.  


RTL Hooded Finder

Fitting only the Exakta RTL 1000 series cameras, was this quick to interchange hooded finder. It had interchangeable focusing screen capabilities and a built in magnifier. It was matte-finish chrome with a trapezoidal leather inset.


REAL Hooded Finder

Fitting only the Exakta REAL and manufactured by Ihagee Berlin, finders and accessories are rarely seen for the Exakta Real, the most short-lived Exakta. I even have the original box!!! The Real Hood had a built-in magnifier.

The focusing screens for the Exakta Real do not fit in the finders as on previous Exaktas but fit rather in the Real body.


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