Exakta Specialized Finders


Two different types of specialized finders were manufactured by Ihagee for the Exakta. Two were critical magnifying finders for close-up and photography where critical focus was needed, and two were special "Stereflex" finders for Stereo photography.

Ihagee manufactured two critical magnifying units, one for the Exakta V through VX500 (and the Exas, of course with interchangeable finders) and a second one, specifically for the Exakta RTL 1000.

A. Magnifying Finders

The Magnear Finder

The first magnifying finder was released in the late 1950's. Affectionately known as the Magnear finder, it was a two piece affair. There was a base unit (which held the supplied focusing screen) to which was attached an Exakta female bayonet flange. A standard lens could then be attached for critical focusing but the preferred optic to use was a special magnifier lens unit sold separately by Ihagee. The Magnear finder is favored for critical focusing in macro and microphotography. Various cosmetic variations in the finder base exist. At least two variations in the special magnifying lens have also been identified.  

RTL 1000 Magnifying Viewfinder

This unit was supplied exclusively for the Exakta RTL 1000 camera. It provided a greater than 5x magnification and had an eyepiece that could be adjusted from -4 to +2 diopters. Glossy black in color, its focusing screen was interchangeable.  

B. The Stereo Finders

Stereflex Finders

Part of the Stereflex outfit, for producing stereo images on 35mm film, there are two models of the Stereflex finder, an early model engraved Ihagee on the front (not shown) and a later model with a curved plate attached with the word "Stereflex" in capital letters.

Each of the finders could also be used to view the finished slides.

The first version is uncommon and is not displayed - Still Looking for one!!!

The second version (shown in both photos) is much easier to find and comes with eyecups for each or the unit's eyepieces. An interesting accessory for the collector, it is unfortunate that stereo photography has fallen out of favor.


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