Exakta VX 1000 - Version 1.1

Hummel #030, Var. 1

Many Exakta collectors consider the VX 1000 to be the last serious camera produced by Ihagee Dresden based on the fact that the later VX 500's were scaled down versions with no slow speeds and the RTL 1000's were a completely new design. The Version 1.1 is the most frequently encountered VX 1000 model.

A number of sub-variations exist related to slots in the release button, film rewind indicator button color, etc.

The VX 1000 shown here is displayed with the optional Harwix Examat TTL Meter Prism and the late model Schneider 50mm f1.9 Auto Xenon lens.


Here is the Version 1 VX 1000 Instruction Book.

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