Captain Jack's Contax/Pentacon SLR Accessories

Zeiss Ikon VEB and subsequently Pentacon, created a number of accessories for the Contax/Pentacon cameras. The ones shown from my collection are broken down into three categories:

A. Close-up Accessories  
B. Finder Accessories  

Miscellaneous Accessories




Extension Tubes (Zwischenringe)

A large variety of Extension Tube sets exist for the Contax/Pentacon cameras. The earlier sets were engraved Zeiss Ikon VEB and were fully manual tubes while the later sets manufactured by Pentacon were either unmarked or engraved with the Pentacon tower and had internal linkage for auto diaphragm coupling. Two typical sets are displayed in the photo.


Extension Bellows (Balgengerät)

Two types of Bellows were manufactured by Pentacon for the Contax/Pentacon SLR cameras. The earlier version is displayed on the left. The later version is identical to the Ihagee Vielzweck Bellows with the exception that it is fitted with the M42 screw mount.


In addition to the Extension Tubes and Bellows, microscope adapters (Mikrozwischenstück), focusing rails (Einstellschlitten), reversing rings (Umkehrringe), double cable releases (Doppeldrahtauslöser), etc. were also manufactured.




Eye Cup (Augenmuschel)

In order to prevent extraneous light from entering the Contax/Pentacon eyepiece, a well-made eyecup was provided. It is displayed on the left with its proper box.


Finder Accessory Shoe (Blitzschuh)

A finder accessory shoe was provided in order to facilitate the mounting of a small flash, etc. It is shown on the left with its proper box.


Sports Framefinder (Rahmensucher)

One of the rarest Contax/Pentacon SLR Accessories is the sports framefinder Attaching to the camera eyepiece, the sports framefinder enabled the photographer to follow moving subjects easier. It was designed to work with both the 58mm normal and 35mm wide-angle lenses.

To view additional images of this rare piece mounted on a Contax S, click HERE.


Eyepiece Magnifier (Einstellfernrohr)

Manufactured both by Zeiss Ikon VEB and Pentacon, a flip-up 2.7X Critical Magnifier was manufactured. It enabled the photographer to enlarge the central portion of the finder image so as to be able to focus more accurately. It is particularly useful in close-up photography.


A right angle finder (winkelsucher) was also produced.




Eveready Case (Bereitschaftstasche)

Manufactured for each of the Contax/Pentacon SLR cameras, two basic versions exist. The first fits the non-metered models and the second fits the Contax E and its later siblings.

Both models are displayed on the left.




Lens Hoods (Sonnenblenden)

Both Zeiss Ikon VEB and Pentacon manufactured lens hoods for the lenses that were available for their cameras. Two basic versions exist, rectangular and circular hoods. The earlier versions were made from metal or bakelite while the later hoods were plastic. In addition, many of the lens suppliers supplied their own lens hoods with their lenses.


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