Praktina Literature  

Instructions & Brochures for the Praktina cameras will be added to this web page as I can locate them for my collection. "Praktina Technik" written by Erhard Loose & Werner Kühnel (in German) is a "must have" for the serious Praktina collector.

Praktina Technik Book
  Praktina FX/IIa Instructions  


Praktina IIa Instructions

Praktina FX Instructions
  Praktina IIa Brochure  
  Praktina FX Brochure   Praktina FX Brochure  

Praktina FX Brochure

Praktina Carl Zeiss Jena Lens Brochure

Praktina FX Brochure
Praktina Macro/Microphotography Brochure
Praktina IIa Bellows Instructions
  Praktina Makro-Photographie Brochure  

Praktina Spring Motor Instructions 1

  Praktina Spring Motor Instructions 2  
  Praktina Spring Motor Instructions 3   Praktina Electro-Motor Instructions  
  Praktina 50 ft. Capacity Bulk Fulm Back Instructions   Praktina Rapid Winder Instructions  
  Praktina (& Praktica) Working Manual    

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