The Topcon R Autokinon  

The Topcon R was the first single lens reflex camera manufactured by Tokyo Kogaku. It was introduced in 1957 and was the first Japanese SLR with a semi-automatic diaphagm. In 1959, fully automatic external diaphragm stopdown lenses were introduced. A fine example is shown here with the Tokyo Kogaku 5.8cm f1.8 Auto Topcor (Autokinon) lens. The Topcon R is the most frequently encountered early Topcon SLR however, pristine ones are getting rather uncommon. With the Autokinon lens, they are quite rare. 


Front View


Top View


Bottom View


Back View

  Late Topcon R (Autokinon) Instructions
Auto Topcor 5.8cm f1.8 Autokinon Lens  

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