The Black Topcon R (VERY RARE)  

The Topcon R was the first single lens reflex camera manufactured by Tokyo Kogaku. It was introduced in 1957 and was the first Japanese SLR with a semi-automatic diaphagm. More than 99 percent of the Topcon R cameras produced were in chrome finish. A very small number, less than 100, were manufactured by Tokyo Kogaku in black enamel finish for the National Police Agency of Tokyo.

The camera displayed here is probably the rarest SLR Topcon camera ever produced. Very uncommon, particularly outside of Japan and even more uncommon in nice condition as most were heavily used and abused over the years. 


Front View


Top View


Bottom View


Back View


Topcon R (black) 5.8cm f/1.8 Semi-Automatic Lenses

Early Topcon R Instructions  
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