The Topcon R  

The Topcon R was the first single lens reflex camera manufactured by Tokyo Kogaku. It was introduced in 1957 and was the first Japanese SLR with a semi-automatic diaphagm. A lovely example is displayed here with the Tokyo Kogaku 5.8cm f1.8 Auto Topcor lens. The Topcon R is the most frequently encountered early Topcon SLR however, pristine ones are getting rather uncommon. 


Front View


Top View


Bottom View


Back View


Semi-Automatic Lenses

Note the color-coded lens stopdowns - green for the 3.5cm, silver for the 5.8cm and gold for the 10cm lenses. Good idea since the lenses are all about the same size.

Topcon R with 300mm f2.8 R.Topcor Lens

The 300mm f2.8 R.Topcor is one of the most desirable lenses in the Topcon lens line-up. It is shown with the proper caps and its' built-in lens hood collapsed.

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