The Topcon RIII (R=3)  

The Topcon RIII was the last of the early Topcon SLR cameras. Unlike its predecessors, the RIII featured a single, non-rotating shutter speed dial, a jump in flash synchronization speed from 1/40th to 1/60th of a second and the facility to take a semi-coupled selenium exposure meter via the front mounted accessory shoe. The Topcon RIII is the least frequently encountered early model Topcon and the clip-on meter, one of the rarest Topcon items,.

It is displayed here with its' proper Tokyo Kogaku 5.8cm f1.8 F.Auto-Topcor lens. It has a self-timer and internal lens stopdown automation. The fabulous later RE Auto Topcor lenses can also be used. The second and third from the last photos show the RIII with the 25mm and 58mm Macro RE Auto Topcor lenses.  


Front View without Clip-on Meter


Front View with Clip-on Meter

Top View without Clip-on Meter
  Top View with Clip-on Meter  

Bottom View


Back View

Topcon RIII with 25mm f3.5 RE Topcor Lens & Accessory Shoe   Topcon RIII with 58mm f3.5 RE Macro Topcor Lens  
  Topcon Clip-on Meter (Top View)   Topcon Clip-on Meter (Bottom View)  
  Topcon Clip-on Meter (Front View)  

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