Exakta TL 1000 (chrome)

The TL 1000 is but one example of the Japanese Petri-styled SLR's produced with the Exakta name following the discontinuation of the Twin TL's. It is very similar in appearance to the TL 500, the only differences being the 1/1000th shutter speed and the self timer which the TL 500's lack. In addition, like the Exakta Real and Twin TL Models, it is similarly engraved "Ihagee West" (to the right of the eyepiece).

Additional models can be found called TL 500, FE 2000, EDX-2, EDX-3, KE-4, HS-1, etc. (sometimes in either black or chrome) . Many models utilize M42 screw mount lenses, later models utilize Pentax K-mount lenses and at best, are all marginally reliable.

This pristine example is shown with the uncommon 50mm f1.9 Auto Xenon lens in M42 mount.


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