Vintage & Classic Lens Repair

50 Lenses for Kine-Exakta

This is a step-by-step lens repair manual for photographers and collectors. You'll learn how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble vintage lenses for your Exakta. Additional information covers tools, techniques, do's and don'ts,and chemicals. This is the only vintage lens repair book ever written. There are many hundreds of never-before-seen photos of classic lenses during disassembly. As with the other repair book on this site, the text is slightly oversize for two purposes: older readers may peruse the pages without need of magnification while younger readers may view the pages from a short distance as they work on their lens.

Vintage & Classic Lens Repair - 50 Lenses for Kine-Exakta

Vintage & Classic Lens Repair - 50 Lenses for Kine-Exakta
by Miles Upton
English Language
191 pages, 8.5 X 11 inches
Spiral Bound for Ease of Use
1700+ Photos
Monochrome Laser on High Quality, Acid-Free Paper
ISBN 978-0-9727857-1-6

Within you'll find lists of tools, chemicals, and discussions of mechanical designs to start you on your journey. To ensure a good basic skill set,the user is taken step-by-step through the complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly of a simple lens. Included is a great article on glass repairwritten by Gary Cullen. Learn good work habits and skills before you ruin an expensive or rare lens using instructions from some guy on the internet using questionable methods. Observation of internet repair discussions should tell you there is as much misinformation as you'll find in any Russian propaganda campaign. To my astonishment, there are people who will believe anything and pass it on as fact to others interested in servicing equipment. The teardown photos create an instant archive of lens designs that show some of the similarities and differences between manufacturers. Information in this book may be used in a variety of ways. For example: look inside a lens before attempting disassembly or use it as an aid in reassembly. As well, you can use this book as a list to acquire new lenses for your repair endeavors as you explore the world of vintage glass. There are many great lenses for your entertainment.

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Lenses in this Book

Lens Pictures Here

Manual Preset Automatic
Angenieux 35/2.5 Bittco 35/3.5 Vemar Angenieux 35/2.5
Astro 300/5 Fernbildlinse Enna 135/3.5 Ennalyt Enna 24/4 Lithagon
Enna 240/4.5 Tele-Ennalyt Isco 135/3.5 Isconar Isco 50/2.8 Westanar
Isco 50/2.8 Isconar Ludwig 50/2.9 Meritar #1 50/1.9 Westrocolor
100/4 Isconar 50/2.9 Meritar #2 Meyer 50/2.8 Domiplan
Kilfitt 40/3.5 Kilar D Meyer 35/4.5 Primagon 50/3.5 Primotar E
Ludwig 50/2.9 Peronar 58/1.9 Primoplan 50/1.8 Oreston
Meyer 58/1.9 Prewar Primoplan 300/4.5 Telemegor Rodenstock 135/4 Rotelar
Nikon 135/3.5 Nikkor Pentacon 30/3.5 Schneider 135/3.5 Tele-Xenar
Rodenstock 30/2.8 Eurygon Piesker 135/3.5 Astra Steinheil 55/1.9 Auto-Quinon
Schneider 50/2 Xenon Schacht 135/3.5 Travenar 55/1.9 Macro-S Quinon
240/5.5 Tele-Xenar Schneider 35/4 Curtagon 135/2.8 Auto-D Quinar
Steinheil 40/3.5 Cassaron Zeiss 50/3.5 Tessar Topcon 58/1.8 RE-Auto Topcor
105/4.5 Cassar 135/4 Triotar Zeiss 50/2 Pancolar
135/4.5 Culminar VL 180/2.8 Sonnar P6
Sun 135/3.8
Zeiss 50/2.8 Prewar Tessar Semi-Automatic
58/2 Biotar Schacht 90/2.8 R-Travenar
Topcon 100/2.8 Auto-Topcor
Zeiss 35/2.8 Flektogon

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