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Ihagee, maker of the Exakta and Exa cameras, intended from their very start in the camera business that their cameras be system cameras; i.e., capable of diverse photographic applications. In the years following the introduction of the Kine-Exakta, Ihagee and other photographic manufacturers produced a large number of interesting and innovative accessories for the various Exakta/Exa cameras.

These accessories, combined with the interchangeable lens and finder systems, enabled the use of the Exakta in both personal everyday photography and in technical photography as well. For many years, Ihagee led the industry in the development of innovative photographic instruments and accessories. To this day, the Exakta remains one of the most complete "System" cameras ever manufactured.

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Close-up Devices

Miscellaneous Items


In looking through my collection of Exakta accessories, the bulk of the accessories fall into three categories: finders, close-up devices and miscellaneous items. For each of the items in these categories, I will provide a brief explanation of its' use and a photo.



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