Pierre Angénieux Paris Exakta Lenses  

While other French lens manufacturers produced a limited number of lenses in Exakta mount, it was the firm of Angénieux that produced the greatest number.

In the early 1950's, Angénieux began releasing manual diaphragm lenses for the Exakta. The focal length range for these lenses ran from 24mm to 180mm. These early Angénieux optics had quite soft lens coatings and are prone to cleaning marks. Finding clean early Angénieux lenses with good coatings and no surface scratches today is getting extremely difficult. When a lens is found with clean glass, it always commands a substantial price and much attention from collectors and users.

High Speed Angénieux Lenses

50mm f1.5 S21

90mm f1.8 P1

The 50mm f1.5 and 90mm f1.8 high-speed optics are two of the most desirable lenses in the Angénieux lineup and are always in great demand. They are continuing to escalate in value. The two lenses displayed have perfect glass and as such they are highly collectible and cherished.

Exercise extreme care and caution when cleaning these lenses!!!



Intermediate Speed Angénieux Lenses

The intermediate speed 28mm, 35mm, 90mm and 135mm Angénieux preset lenses are also in high demand. As in the case with all early Angénieux optics, their coatings are very prone to wipe marks.

28mm f3.5 R11

35mm f2.5 R1

The 28mm and 35mm lenses are displayed in the photo with their proper lens caps and the red cylindrical tube for the 35mm. In mint condition, with perfect glass, they command excellent prices on the used market.



90mm f2.5 Y12

135mm f2.5 P2

135mm f3.5 Y2

The Angénieux 90mm f2.5, 135mm f2.5 and 135mm f3.5 intermediate speed telephoto lenses are displayed. The 135mm f2.5, acquired from a friend in France, is particularly difficult to find and of course, commands a much higher price than the very more common f3.5 version. The 90mm is displayed with its proper cap and red cylindrical tube and the 135mm lenses with their proper caps.




Slow Speed Angénieux Lens

The 180mm f4.5 Angénieux is both the longest and slowest speed lens of the non-automatics manufactured in Exakta mount. It is rather uncommon and excellent optically.

It is displayed with its proper caps and a fitted leather case.

180mm f4.5 P21



The Automatic Angénieux Lenses (Chrome)

In 1959, Angénieux began releasing what I, and many other Exakta collectors, feel are the most beautiful lenses ever produced for the Exakta, the chrome automatic Angénieux lenses in various focal lengths from 24mm to 180mm. The revolutionary circular dial for changing the aperture on these lenses is quite ingenious and easy to use.

An automatic diaphragm normal focal length (50mm) Angénieux was unfortunately, never produced. These highly sought-after lenses (also produced in Alpa mount), were offered in the following focal lengths:

180mm f4.5 Auto P21

90mm f2.5 Auto Y12

35mm f2.5 Auto R1

28mm f3.5 Auto R11

24mm f3.5 Auto R61



The Automatic Angénieux Lenses (Black)

In 1961, Angénieux introduced these same automatic lenses in black enamel finish in very small quantities.

The 24, 28, 35, 90 and 180mm models, in superb condition, are displayed. Along with the chrome lenses above, they are some of my most cherished lenses. I recently acquired the rare black 90mm Auto Angénieux lens. As with the chrome automatics above, Angénieux never produced a black automatic normal focal length lens either.

180mm f4.5 Auto P21

90mm f2.5 Auto Y12

35mm f2.5 Auto R1

28mm f3.5 Auto R11

24mm f3.5 Auto R61



Angénieux Lens Brochure

Displayed to the right is a hard to find Angénieux brochure which discusses and pictures all of their earlier lens models from 28 to 180mm.  

Today, Angénieux is alive and well and continues to produce high quality lenses, mainly for the television and motion picture industries.

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