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Ihagee did not produce their own lenses. Instead, they relied on many of the major optical firms of their day to each produce a series of lenses for their cameras.

From before the inception of the Kine-Exakta in the mid 1930's, the firms of Carl Zeiss (Jena), Meyer-Optik (Görlitz) and Joseph Schneider (Kreuznach), produced lenses in Exakta mount. The lenses from these three makers, in terms of the number and variations of lenses produced, are the most plentiful and in most cases the easiest for collectors and users to acquire. In my experience, over 80% of the Exaktas offered for sale are equipped with normal focal length lenses from these three firms.

On this site, I will not attempt to display all of the lenses from each manufacturer. Other collectors / historians have put a great deal of effort into the compilation of Exakta lens lists. (See my links page.) I frequently avail myself of their information.

My Exakta collecting specialties are the automatic diaphragm lenses, high speed optics and any other Exakta lens that happens to catch my fancy. These pages will be constantly evolving as my collecting funds permit. I hope you enjoy browsing these pages.


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