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Welcome to my Exakta cameras page. I have been collecting and using Exakta and Exa 35mm cameras for years. In fact, the first high quality 35mm SLR I ever purchased was an Exakta VX, Version 3, from Olden Camera in New York City many years ago.

On the pages that follow, I am proud to display my collection of these superb collectible cameras.

My Exaktas and Exas are displayed and listed by model (as described in new A&R 2003 book) in chronological order with the earliest model first. Each model has a thumbnail photo (hyperlink) on which to click to go to the page showing enlarged photographs of each of them.

Information on each camera includes its serial number, approximate year of issue and the type of finder used. The lens manufacturer, focal length, maximum aperture and serial number are similarly displayed with each camera.

The hyperlinks listed in the column to the right will take you to the camera page of your choice.  

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Kine-Exakta Kine-Exakta II

Exakta V & Varex

Exakta VX and Varex VX

Exakta VXIIa and Varex IIa

Exakta VXIIb and Varex IIb

Exakta VX1000 Exakta VX500

Exakta RTL1000

Exakta Real

Exakta TwinTL and Ihagee-West Exaktas

Dream Exaktas (Prototypes, etc.)

Dream Exas (Prototypes, etc.)

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the Contax/Pentacons

the Praktinas

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