Other Japanese Exakta Lenses

Most of the Japanese after-market optical firms at one time or another marketed their lenses in Exakta mount or in T-mount for which they supplied Exakta adapters. In three cases that I am aware of, major camera and lens makers, actually produced one or more lenses in Exakta mount.

Nikon made a number of their 135mm Nikkors in Exakta mount, Olympus made a 40mm Zuiko in Exakta mount, Canon manufactured a 50/1.9 semi-automatic lens in Exakta mount (for the Mamiya Prismat and Tower 37 cameras) and of course, some Topcon preset lenses can also be readily used on the Exakta as they share the same bayonet mount.

Olympus Tokyo

Olympus 40mm f3.5 Zuiko C.

The Olympus Zuiko C. 40mm f3.5 lens was introduced in Exakta mount in the early 1950's. To my knowledge, it was the only lens produced by Olympus for the Exakta. Several versions exist; this one is serial number 62163.

An interesting feature of the lens is that the rear element protrudes beyond the rear of the lens mount making it very susceptible to scratches and damage. On this lens, a deep, rear lens cap is an absolute essential.

The 40/3.5 Zuiko has a range of apertures from f/3.5 down to f/16. This rather uncommon lens is in mint condition and complete with the original leather case, stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" on the bottom and the proper aluminum front lens cap.


Nippon Kokagu, Japan

Nikon 13.5cm f3.5 Nikkor

The 13.5 cm Nikkor was the only lens produced by the Japanese giant, Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) in Exakta mount. Originally, they were thought to be ultra scarce with only a handful known. Over the years, a number of additional ones have surfaced. Today, they are not as scarce as their often highly asked for prices lead one to believe.

The photo on the right shows the lens with its proper 2-piece lens hood. This particular lens is unusual for two reasons. First, it is in mint condition. Virtually all Nikkors of this vintage show heavy barrel wear. Second, it has the letters <E-P> engraved on it making it much scarcer. (see lower photo) This designates that it was sold through a U.S. Military Post Exchange (PX) in the Far East.


  Tokyo Kogaku (Topcon)

Topcon 30cm f2.8 R.Topcor

Most of the lenses designed for the Topcon R through Super DM cameras do not properly fit on the Exakta (despite their using an Exakta-style mount), the exception being the preset Topcors.

The most notable of these is the 30cm (300mm) f2.8 R.Topcor, for many years the fastest 300mm lens ever produced for a 35mm camera. It was a forerunner of the high speed optics that we have today. Consisting of 4 elements, with f/stops from f/2.8 to f/22, the 30cm R.Topcor focuses from infinity down to 15 feet. It has a rotating tripod mount and takes filters internally via a filter slot.

Known affectionately as "Big Bertha" by press and nature photographers of its' day, it is 15.2" in length and weighs 7.3 pounds.



The 30 cm Topcor took filters via a filter slot at the rear of the lens. The filters available came in UV (supplied with lens) as well as a light and medium yellow and red filter for B&W photography. These push-in filters are more difficult to locate than the lens itself.  


Topcon 13.5cm f2.0 R.Topcor

The 13.5cm f2.0 (135mm) R. Topcor is another impressive optic that is usable directly on the Exakta Varex series of cameras. Possessing outstanding optical qualities, the 13.5/2.0 R-Topcor has a preset diaphragm with f/stops from f2.0 down to f/22 and focuses from infinity down to 6 feet. It has 6 elements and a built-in non-rotating tripod mount.

It is displayed with its' proper box and caps. Very uncommon!



Topcon 20cm f4.0 R.Topcor

The 20cm f4.0 R. Topcor is another impressive optic that features a very sturdy integral tripod mount. With f/stops from f4.0 to f32, this lens focuses from infinity down to slightly under 7 feet (2.2 meters).

It has a preset diaphragm and can be readily used on Exakta cameras.



Topcon 9cm f3.5 R.Topcor

Another rare Topcon lens is the 9cm f3.5 R.Topcor. Featuring a preset diaphragm, the 9cm Topcor focuses as close as 3.5 feet and has f/stops down to f/22.

It is pictured with its' proper lens case, lens hood and caps in the photo on the right.

  Canon (Tokyo)

Canon 50mm f1.9 Auto OM

Manufactured in very small numbers, the Exakta mount 50mm f1.9 semi-automatic lens is displayed on the right. The OM designation is not to be confused with the OM which Olympus used on their series of SLR Cameras but instead it stands for Osawa/Mamiya.

This lens was originally introduced for use with the Mamiya Prismat (& Tower) cameras that utilized the Exakta mount. This lens is very infrequently encountered.

Sun Optical Company

9cm f4.0 Sola

The 9cm f4.0 Sun Sola is the shortest focal length of 3 lenses catalogued (1955) by the Sun Optical Co. of Japan in Exakta mount that are commonly found. Its knurling is very reminiscent of the Kodak Ektra lenses.


13.5cm f3.8

The 13.5cm f3.8 is one of two 13.5cm focal length lenses manufatctured by Sun in Exakta mount, the other being an f3.5 version. It is displayed here with its proper caps and original box.


I have not pursued lenses in this area unless they are unusual or high speed optics. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have any other high speed or unusual Japanese optics for the Exakta for sale.

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