E. Ludwig Exakta Lenses  

Ernst Ludwig of Weixdorf never produced Exakta automatic diaphragm lenses, however, due to the popularity of the Exa camera, the optical firm of Ludwig must be mentioned.

50mm f2.9 Meritars

The name Ludwig is almost synonymous with the Exa. The Meritar 50mm f2.9 lens, produced in at least three major variations, was the standard lens offered on the majority of all Exa Cameras.

It was initially a fully manual lens but was eventually upgraded to a preset, contrary to the A&R book. All variations contain 3 elements. Aluminum mounts were utilized on all versions. In my photo, the lens on the left is manual, the other two are preset.



50mm f2.9 Peronar

Two other E. Ludwig lenses exist, known as the Victar (earliest) and the Peronar. Each have the same focal length and F2.9 maximum f-stop. Both are uncommon.

The Peronar, displayed has a manual diaphragm, f/stops from f2.9 to f/16 and focuses as close as 2.5 feet.




50mm f2.9 Anastigmat-Victar

Introduced in 1937, for use with the original Kine-Exakta, the 50mm F/2.9 Anastigmat-Victar was the earliest E. Ludwig lens produced for the 35mm Exakta format. Consisting of three elements and focusing from infinity down to 0.8m, the Anastigmat-Victar had a manual diaphragm with f/stops down to f/22. Early versions such as this one, did not carry a serial number.

Later versions, known just as the Victar had serial numbers and f/stops only down to f/16.


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