Old Delft Exakta Lenses  

The optical firm, Old Delft, located in Holland produced a very limited number of lenses in Exakta mount in focal lengths from 4cm to 50cm, in the period 1949 through 1952. To date, I have only one Old Delft lens in my collection.

According to A&R's latest book, 4 specific lenses with Exakta mounts, have been identified: Minor 3.5/4cm, Delfar 4.5/9cm, Delfar 4.5/28CM and the Delca 6.3/50cm. I recently acquired the 4cm f3.5 Minor lens.

4cm f3.5 Minor

A very nice 4cm f3.5 Minor lens in Exakta mount recently came into my posession all the way from Sweden. It's a rather small lens but quite heavy for its size due to its' apparent chrome over brass construction.

It possesses a fully manual diaphragm and focuses from infinity down to 0.8 meters. The f/stop ranges is from f3.5 to f16.

It came with a nice leather fitted case with the Old Delft logo on its' top.




Anyone having any of the other Old Delft lenses in Exakta mount for sale, kindly contact me as I'd be interested.

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