Soligor Exakta Lenses  

Many Japanese lens makers sold lenses in Exakta mount or in T-mount for which they supplied Exakta adapters. The Japanese firm of Soligor produced two very noteworthy high speed lenses, the 85mm f1.5 and the 135mm f1.8.

Soligor 85mm f1.5

The Soligor 85mm f1.5 features a preset diaphragm with f-stops ranging from f1.5 down to f22. It is all black in finish. Optically, I haven't tested it yet, however, I suspect that like other high speed optics, it will perform best when stopped down several stops. It focuses down to 3 feet.

This rather uncommon lens, pictured to the left on a Varex IIa, Version 3, is definitely not a lightweight. It is quite comfortable to use - heavier lenses in general are easier to handhold.



Soligor 135mm f1.8

The second high speed Soligor optic of note is the massive 135mm f1.8 telephoto. It is one of the fastest 135mm lenses ever produced (and probably the heaviest).

It is pictured on the right mounted on a Varex IIb, with its proper lens hood, cap and fitted case. Quite unusual and seldom encountered, it makes an excellent portrait lens if you are man (or woman, sorry) enough to heft it.

Don't you just love "Big Glass!"


I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have any other high speed or unusual Japanese optics for the Exakta for sale.

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