Taika Exakta Lenses  

High Speed Taika Lenses

Taika badged lenses can be found in various mounts. The most notable Taika high speed lenses manufactured in Exakta mount were the 58mm f1.2 Harigon and the 200mm f2.8 Super-Coligon. Each is very collectible today. At these focal lengths, I believe that they are the fastest lenses ever produced in Exakta mount.

Each lens, considering its speed vs. focal length, is quite heavy; what I like to call "big glass". Optically, they are pretty good performers, particularly when stopped down a few stops. Their biggest assets are the ease of focusing in dim light and their ability at the larger apertures to isolate a subject from its' background.

The 58mm f1.2 and the 200mm f2.8 were early Tamron lenses that were produced with the Taika name. Other Taika named lenses, for example, my 180mm f3.5, were produced by other makers such as Kyoei, a small manufacturer, who also sold their lenses under the Acall brand. Still others may have been made by Tokina, Fujita or as a result of cooperation with Aetna.


58mm f1.2 Harigon

The 58mm Harigon is slightly longer in focal length than the other "normal" focal length lenses available for the Exakta. It is fitted with a preset diaphragm and a seldom seen, Exakta external bayonet mount. This external mount is normally found on some of the heavier long focal length lenses. The photo on the right shows two pristine condition Harigons, with a front and rear view. They are most uncommon and generally sell at premium prices, particularly when in mint condition such as the two shown here.



180mm f3.5 Tele-Coligon

The 180mm f3.5 preset Tele-Coligon is a rare Taika optic, not yet submitted to Hugo Ruys' Exakta lens list. I've never encountered this lens before, it focuses as close as 7 feet with f/stops from f/3.5 down to f/22.

Its' appearance is very reminiscent of the 135 & 200mm Steinheil preset lenses in black finish.



200mm f2.8 Super Coligon

The 200mm Taika Super-Coligon is an impressive optic. At the 200mm focal length, it is most likely the fastest 200 ever produced for the Exakta. It sports a preset diaphragm and a rotating tripod collar. Thank goodness, because it is a very heavy lens. F-stops range from f2.8 to f32.

Seldom encountered, it is one of the rarer Japanese lenses in Exakta mount and a forerunner of the high speed optics we have available today from Japan.





An Interesting Wide Angle 

35mm f3.5 Terragon

Recently I came across a very compact Taika wide angle, a 35mm f3.5 Terragon. The lens appears to be in virtually brand new condition. It is finished in black and has a chrome preset lens diaphragm ring. It's light in weight and focuses down to 3.1 feet.



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