Vivitar Exakta Lenses  

85mm f1.8 Tele-Vivitar

One of the world's largest manufacturers of after-market lenses, Vivitar has produced lenses for virtually every SLR camera.

Perhaps, the most interesting of these is the high-speed 85mm f1.8 Tele-Vivitar.

The lens attaches to the Exakta via an interchangeable "T" mount and has a preset diaphragm. It focuses as close as 4 1/2 feet and has f/stops ranging from f1.8 down to f16.

The 85mm f1.8 Tele-Vivitar is rather uncommon.


The Vivitar T-4 (and TX) Series Lenses

Vivitar (and Soligor) manufactured a series of innovative lenses with interchangeable automatic mounts called the T-4 and TX lenses. Focal lengths available ranged from a 21mm ultrawide to a 400mm telephoto as well as a good number of zoom lenses. Several are displayed below.


Vivitar 21mm f3.8 Auto T-4 Mount Lens

The widest automatic T-4 mount lens available from Vivitar was the 21mm f3.8. It is an economical lens that can be found occasionally on the used market .

It features f/stops from f3.8 down to f16 and focuses as close as 1 foot. I recently obtained mine at a garage sale with a Nikon mount that I quickly swapped for the Exakta mount shown on it. The 21 Vivitar takes 72mm filters.


Vivitar 55-135mm f3.5 Auto T-4 Mount Zoom

I recently acquired a pristine example of one of the more uncommon Vivitar T-4 mount zoom lenses, the 55-135mm f3.5 Zoom with automatic diaphragm. Featuring f/stops from f/3.5 to f/22, it focuses to under 1.5 feet and takes 62mm filters.

What I like most about it is that there are separate rings for zooming and focusing. I never cared for zoom lenses that use a single ring for focusing and zooming.


Vivitar 90-230mm f4.5 Auto T-4 Mount Zoom

Another recently acquired Vivitar T-4 mount lens in my collection is the 90-230mm f4.5 Auto Zoom. Featuring an f/stop range from f/4.5 down to f/22, this two touch zoom lens is not a small lens by any means. It is 8.5 inches long and has a built-in lens hood, rotating tripod socket and focuses as close as 8 feet.

It is displayed with its proper caps and fitted case.


Vivitar 300mm f5.5 Auto T-4 Mount

The 300mm f5.5 Auto Vivitar is one a few long lenses produced in fully automatic mount for the Exakta. None of the German lens makers produced a 300mm lens in auto mount for the Exakta. Featuring a built in lens shade and a rotating tripod mount, the 300mm Auto Vivitar focuses a close as 6 feet and has f/stops from f5.5 down to f/22.

It is displayed with its proper caps and original green, black & silver box.

Vivitar also manufactured an automatic 400mm f6.3 lens in T4 mount adaptable to the Exakta.


Vivitar T-4 Mounts

Vivitar manufactured T-4 mounts for virtually every 35mm single lens reflex camera of their day. I have T-4 mounts for the Kine-Exakta through VX500, Pentacon/Pentax M-42 screw mount and Topcon RII (B) and later cameras. The mounts are shown with their proper Vivitar boxes.


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