Other German Exakta Lenses


Virtually all lenses manufacturered for the Exakta from the lesser known German lens makers were made in non-automatic (manual or preselect) mounts.

These German lens makers who made lenses for the Exakta included, but are not limited to:


Astro GmbH, Berlin - Astro produced manual diaphragm specialty lenses in focal lengths from 100 to 2000mm. Most often found in motion picture mounts, occasionally, these older lenses can be found with the Exakta lens mount.

A while back, I acquired a magnificent 400mm f5.0 Astro-Berlin Fernbild lens in its original case, manufactured in the early 50's, in Exakta Mount. Click thumbnail at left to view a larger photo of it.

Novoflex, Memmingen - Novoflex produced a diverse number of macro lenses and accessories complete with mounts for just about every camera maker, including Exakta. They also produced a series of long lenses, the most famous being their follow-focus units in focal lengths as long as 600mm. They are still in the business today producing high quality photographic accessories and adapters.

Some time ago, I acquired a Novoflex 35mm f3.5 Noflexar lens in Exakta mount. Novoflex produced macro lenses in 35, 50, 105 and 135mm focal lengths most of which were manufactured for use on a bellows. This 35mm however, has its own focusing mount. Click the thumbnail on the left to see a larger image.

Feinmess, Dresden - the manual diaphragm 105mm f4.5 Bonotar was the only lens produced in Exakta mount by this lesser known maker. At least two versions of the 105 Bonotar exist.

The 105mm f4.5 Bonotor displayed on the left is unusual in that it came with the proper box and original caps. Click the photo for a larger image.

Wirgin, Wiesbaden- Producer of the Edixa cameras, Wirgin produced several lenses in Exakta mounts.

Recently acquired was a nice Wirgin 105mm f4.5 Telepar lens in Exakta mount. Quite uncommon. Click thumbnail photo at left to see a larger image.

Piesker & Co., Berlin - Piesker produced a series of lenses in several different mounts including the Exakta with their Tele-Picon models, the most frequently encountered.

I haven't pursued the collection of Piesker lenses. The very compact 180mm f5.5 Tele-Kalimar lens shown to the left is typical of the lenses produced by Piesker. Click thumbnail photo at left to see a larger image.  
Tewe OGH, Berlin-Schöneberg - Tewe produced long lenses predominately in focal lengths from 200mm to 1000mm mainly for motion picture cameras. Lenses can be found that were modified to fit the Exakta.  
  Friedrich, München - made a limited number of lenses in Exakta mount including one or more short mount bellows lenses.  

Roeschlein, Kreuznach - in Exakta mount, the manual 135mm f4.5 Luxon and Luxon C lenses are sometimes encountered.

I recently acquired a really nice 4.5/135 Luxon C lens via an Ebay auction. Rather uncommon. Click thumbnail photo at left to see a larger image.  

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